New examinations dynamics due to Covid-19

By Yasiri J Kasango

Covid-19 has forced Uganda Christian University (UCU) to drift from not only the conventional mode of examination-sit in- but also from the rather known hours when examinations begin and end. Students exams have been starting at 9:00am in the past and end at 5:00pm. Scarcely did they begin before 9:00am or end after 5:00pm.  

However, this time around, during the ongoing Easter semester, the exams are starting at 8:00am and ending at 6:00pm. Now students, especially those that stay outside university premises have to arrive much earlier than usual to prepare for their examinations. 

This change has been attributed to Covid-19, said Ms. Jochebed Nassimbwa, an invigilator from the Faculty of Law. “Papers are starting a bit early and end late because they have to create time for standard operating procedures and sanitize the room after paper,” she said.  

It seems students and staff alike have to deal with drastic changes that came riding on the back of Covid-19 only to stopover at the various academic institutions. UCU is not an exception!

But the changes have left many at the University thinking. Who knew that a time would come when carrying a nose/mouth mask into an examination room would count more than carrying one’s university identity card? 

Where all this ends, only God knows!