Turtleneck design

By Laura Cenge 

From dresses to shirts to sweaters, turtlenecks have become a fashion trend among many. Also known as a “polo neck,” this is a garment that features a high neckline and folds over. It usually sits around the neck with a comfy fit.

The turtleneck fashion comes in a variety of materials, which include wool, cotton, and cashmere. It is a style that is suitable for cold weather. You can also find it in long and short sleeves, depending on what style you would like.

This particular garment has been worn for hundreds of years, dating back to the 15th century. Originally, they were designed for protecting the necks of knights who wore chainmail. This was then adopted by royalty with a high-neck fashion that had the height and volume of the neck ruffle, which indicated status.

Polo necks were popular among manual workers, fishermen, athletes, sailors, and naval officers in the late nineteenth century. However, in this era, it has become a new fashion trend, worn by wealthy young men and women for different occasions.

One can wear this piece with a V-neck cardigan, blazer, or as an undergarment beneath crewneck pullovers, and it is very suitable for sportsmen and women.