UCU celebrate silver jubilee of existence

By Agatha N Biira & Asenath Were

As Uganda Christian University (UCU) celebrates 25 years, we talked to some of the students about what has stood out for them during the time they have been at UCU, and this is what they had to say.

Lawrence Feta- BAED (ARUA CAMPUS)

One of the things I loved most about UCU was the Christian background. I have finished this course, and I must say, I have left UCU as a more spiritual person. The foundation courses and the community worship every Tuesday and Thursday build us up, and by the time you leave, you can fit in anywhere.

The lecturers at my campus are also very friendly. They interact freely with students, which makes it easy for them to approach them and consult.

Students at UCU are also very social and hospitable. When you come around, you will feel like it is a place you can fit in.

And lastly, we are also given free internet access, which makes research and learning easier.

Keza Brenda- LLB 2

One thing that stands out for me is the oneness of the students. For the time I have been here, students have come together to help those in need, irrespective of their course. This is something I really admire about the students here.

Then another thing is that the lecturers give us time. For most of the courses, we have lecturers and tutors, which helps us understand better in class. The lecturers are also very supportive and receptive. I remember one time I approached the lecturers and they supported me, and that was really amazing.

Leslie Dogo- LLB 2

One thing I will always remember is the time during the lockdown. We, the international students, were locked at school, but the school kept providing for us, both residents and non-residents. UCU provided for us during that time, especially at St. Michael’s, and I am really grateful.

Charity Bongomin- BSAF 3

I am really grateful and thankful for the enormous lessons and life values I have learnt from UCU, for example, integrity and humility. I love how enthusiastic they are about drawing people closer to God in everything they do.


I am really impressed by the culture of UCU. Everyone is welcomed and initiated into the system. Most of us come from different backgrounds, and, of course, we believe in different things. But the Christian setting in UCU transforms us so that we are able to live with different kinds of people in harmony. The foundation courses taught give an insight into Christianity and also morality, which helps to transform lives.

Also, the standard of education provided here is really good. We are taught what is needed to survive, even in life after school.

Natasha Akampurira- LLB 3

When you are at campus, you face a lot of challenges but community worship here helps us live through each day with a lighter heart. There are things you go through and you are not okay but when you attend service, you come out feeling better.