UCU Guild tuition run to aid students

By William Opio and Yasiri J. Kasango

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) vice chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushenyezi, has inaugurated the third edition of the annual Guild Run. Organised by the 25th Guild Government, this year’s event has been aptly named “the Guild Tuition Run.” It is scheduled to take place on October 21, 2023, promising to bring together the UCU community and participants from far and wide at the institution’s main campus. With a shared commitment to the cause, this run aims to raise vital funds for students facing financial challenges, reaffirming UCU’s dedication to making education accessible and fostering a spirit of unity and support among its members.

The guild has a noble mission: to extend a helping hand to students who face financial constraints in covering their tuition fees. This initiative builds upon the foundation laid by the 22nd guild government under Timothy Kadaga and is driven by a deep commitment to its success.

The guild president, H. E. Timothy Ddumba, passionately emphasised the campaign’s core purpose. He said that the run will help tuition-burdened students achieve their dream of completing education. “Let us help our friends achieve their dreams of completing their education and graduating,” added Ddumba.

The guild prime minister, Rt. Hon. Aaron Tahinduka re-echoed the president’s plea to the UCU community to participate in the run. He said that the run will be instrumental in helping financially burdened students.

“The Guild Run isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about changing lives. We’ve witnessed students unable to take exams due to tuition shortages, and it’s a distressing sight. With this initiative, we aim to alleviate such hardships and offer sponsorship opportunities. But it’s not just about financial aid; it’s also about promoting physical well-being. Running a few kilometres can significantly contribute to one’s health. I urge everyone to participate in this worthwhile campaign.”

The UCU community has rallied behind the Guild Run, recognising its potential to make a lasting impact. Byogero Bridget Hellen, a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Industrial Arts and Design, praised the initiative, saying, “This is commendable. It will provide substantial assistance to students struggling with tuition fees. Such initiatives are rare, and the 24th Guild Government’s dedication to this cause is highly praiseworthy. It will undoubtedly benefit numerous students.”

Students from various academic programmes have expressed their support. A Bachelor’s in Arts Journalism and Mass Communication student noted, “This is a brilliant idea that will ease the financial burden on many students. It allows them to focus on their studies without the constant worry of missing exams, which could hinder their graduation.”

One anonymous student, who has personally experienced financial hardship, shared their perspective: “I wholeheartedly support this campaign because I understand the dire situation of having insufficient tuition funds, especially during exam periods. The Guild Run is genuinely a lifeline for students struggling with tuition fees. I genuinely appreciate the 24th Guild Government for conceiving this remarkable idea to alleviate this financial burden.”