UCU hosts its first UIS week

By Yasiri J. Kasango

Uganda Christian University (UCU) is holding the University ICT (Information Communication Technology) services (UIS) week. The is meant to help the UCU community with ICT-related services.

The UIs team is staged in a tent at the Hamu Mukasa library. The team is holding a laptop clinic where students with faulty laptops are  worked on for free.

Rebecca Kangabe, the Technical Manager UIS, has said that during this week they are reminding the students and staff about the role of the UIS in their daily activities at the university.

“Our mandate is to enhance teaching, learning and enable administration at the university,” said Kangabe.

She (Kangabe) adds that the UIS is devoted to helping all sections of the university.

The UIS team is having an awareness campaign about the existence of the ICT department. Kangaba acknowledges that there are some students who are not aware of the free ICT services.

“There are students who, for resistance, are using their data instead of the free internet provided to students in the form of “eduroam,” she added.

Lydia Namukasa, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance, has appreciated UIS for this initiative.

“I have been helped to access Alpha on my phone. I had failed to access Alpha on my phone but thank God today I have been helped,” said Namukasa.

She (Namukasa) is imploring the university ICT to carry on with this activity for UIS week. She adds that throughout this week, students interact with the ICT team.

Macklin Kiconco, a third-year mass communication student, is filled with joy after her laptop was worked on by the UIS team.

My laptop had stopped working, however, after the UIS team worked on it. It’s now working. I appreciate this initiative. It is an activity we have been waiting for. I hope UIS week becomes a tradition every semester,” added Kiconco.

Kangabe has cautioned students to be careful of the software they access. She says through this unsafe software, the student’s machine is infiltrated by viruses that damage their (laptop) efficiency. 

“I call upon the students to make use of UIS in case they have challenges with their gadgets.” “We are here to serve the university community in order to enhance learning, teaching, and administration,” added Kangabe.

The UIS team awarded the most notable people who have embraced UIS services. the appreciated Prof. Monica Chibita, Joel Alfred Kibenge, Rodgers Tayebwa.