UCU Main Campus welcomes Agira Birungi as Guild President.

By Dismas Nuwaine

In a resounding display of democratic fervour, the Uganda Christian University (UCU) main campus recently witnessed the swearing-in ceremony of its new Guild President, Agira Birungi. The event, held in the esteemed Nkoyoyo Hall, was marked by joyous celebrations, ululations, and thunderous applause from the gathered crowd.

As the incoming Guild President, Agira Birungi took centre stage, her left hand firmly clasping the microphone and her right hand raised with the Bible. The audience, including Vice Chancellor Prof. Aaron Mushengenzi, observed a respectful silence as she solemnly swore an oath, pledging her dedication to serving the student community.

In a symbolic gesture, Vice Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengenzi proudly presented Agira Birungi to the audience, declaring, “I present to you the brand-new Guild President in the whole world.” The proclamation was met with ecstatic cheers, underscoring the significance of this pivotal moment in UCU’s political landscape.

Outgoing Guild President Ddumba Timothy showcased a seamless transition of leadership by embracing Agira in a strong show of solidarity, emphasising the continuity of service-oriented leadership.

The Vice Chancellor commended UCU for its political maturity, noting the institution’s ability to conduct timely and peaceful elections. “At UCU, we demonstrate the change of leadership democratically and peacefully without any significant challenges,” remarked Prof. Mushengezi. He highlighted the institution’s digital election process as a key factor in maintaining a calm and orderly environment.

Expressing gratitude, the Vice Chancellor extended warm thanks to the outgoing 25th Guild government, acknowledging their cordial working relationship over the past year. He encouraged Agira Birungi to foster similar collaborative relationships during her tenure.

The swearing-in ceremony also saw the official induction of parliamentary representatives from different schools and faculties. Pledging their commitment before God and the congregation, they vowed to serve their constituents with devotion and impartiality.

Agira’s victory in the guild general elections, where she outperformed her competitor in Abura, set the stage for this momentous swearing-in ceremony. Timothy Okurut, the incoming MP for the School of Journalism, Media, and Communication, shared his excitement and gratitude for the mandate received from the students.

This ceremony marks the beginning of a transition period, with the formal guild handover scheduled later in the month. The 25th Guild government leaves behind a strong precedent, garnering positive opinion ratings from the public. As the 26th Guild government takes the reins, they are poised to build upon this foundation and make a meaningful impact during their tenure. The anticipation is palpable as UCU enters a new chapter of student leadership.