UCU Netball get crucial road wins as Netball returns

Ian Asabo

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) netball team, known as the UCU Angels, won both of their road games as the Netball Super League returned on March 15th.

To begin the day, the Angels defeated Africa Renewal 50-43 at the Luzira Prison grounds.

The second match saw them defeat Mutelx Life Sports 55–40 in their last game of the day.

Both games were very well contested, and it definitely took its toll on the players after being out for so long.

Nana Christine Anaro, the team’s vice captain, acknowledged the positive atmosphere in the camp following hard-fought road victories.

“It really means a lot to us because last season our opponents still gave us a hard time, but we can tell that we are growing physically, skill-wise, and can control our emotions better,” she adds.

The UCU Angels play Weyonje Netball Club, looking to add another win to the board.