UCU School of Business win big at the interfaculty tournament 

By Dismas Nuwaine

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) 25th Guild government has successfully held its first post-COVID interfaculty tournament, which lasted for several weeks and culminated in an exciting finale on Friday. The tournament marked the first of its kind since 2019, and it was a great opportunity for students to come together and enjoy a sense of community through sports.

According to Ian Akampa, a first-year student pursuing bachelor of Information Technology at UCU, the tournament was a fantastic idea that provided an avenue for students to cheer on their teams and have fun while taking a break from academic stress. 

“The level of interaction brought about by the games between students from different faculties and schools also cannot be overemphasized,” continued Akampa, reminiscing on the games.

The finals of the tournament were held at the university’s main pitch and basketball courts, where hundreds of students gathered to witness the intense basketball and football matches. The School of Business was the biggest winner of the tournament, winning three trophies in the men’s and women’s categories of basketball, as well as the netball trophy.

Owen Muzahura, the coach of the School of Business team, expressed his pride and satisfaction in leading his team to victory. He attributed the team’s success to a clear strategy and game plan that focused on exploiting the weaknesses of the opposition while playing to the team’s strengths.

“The feeling of guiding a team to victory and witnessing their hard work and dedication pay off is truly rewarding,” continued Owen, the MP representing the School of Business in the 25th Guild Government.

The football match between the School of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Technology was the most anticipated game of the tournament, and it did not disappoint. The School of Social Sciences emerged victorious, defeating the Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Technology in the penalties.

Amos Ongoe, the captain of the School of Social Science football club, commended his team for their high-intensity performance, attributing their victory to their spirit of brotherhood and unity.

“We stepped up, our boys performed, and we are proud. We deserved the championship due to the spirit of brotherhood and unity we had from day one,” continued Amos.

The tournament was one of the initiatives undertaken by the recently sworn-in 25th guild government, which has been under close scrutiny from the student body. The Minister for Information and Public Relations, Constance Ichuma, expressed her delight in the students’ commitment to giving their all for their respective teams.

“It’s just the start for us. I was very pleased that students were ready to do what it takes, giving it their all for their teams to win,” said Ichuma.

The day was rounded off with a highly engaging talent show, where medals and trophies were awarded to the winning teams. The Chancellor of UCU, the Most Reverend Kazimba Mugalu, commended the proactive and practical nature of the 25th guild government, expressing his appreciation for their leadership style.

“Your leadership style is highly appreciated. I was impressed that you and your team generate proposals as solutions and encourage roundtable engagements; you are proactive and not reactive,” said the Chancellor in a recent tweet.

In response, Timothy Ddumba, the President of the 25th Guild Government, expressed his gratitude and promised to reach more milestones under the guidance of the Chancellor. Overall, the tournament was a resounding success and marked a positive step towards building a sense of community and camaraderie among students.

“I am humbled by your grace; under your guidance, we shall reach more milestones with God as our helper,” replied Timothy Ddumba.