UCU set to collaborate with E-JUST

By Yasiri J. Kasango

In a bid to enhance academic and research endeavours, Uganda Christian University (UCU) is actively exploring a collaboration opportunity with the Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST). The revelation came to light during a recent visit by a delegation from E-JUST, where Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Kizito, the Director of Research, Innovation, and Partnerships, represented the UCU vice chancellor.

Expressing the university’s eagerness to strengthen ties with E-JUST, Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Kizito conveyed UCU’s intention to formalise this partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The collaboration aims to encompass various aspects, including research initiatives, capacity building, student and staff exchange programmes, as well as co-teaching opportunities.

“We hope to collaborate in areas of research, capacity building, student and staff exchange programmes, and co-teaching,” affirmed Kizito. She further highlighted the enthusiasm within UCU about the potential collaboration, emphasising its significance not only for the university but also for the nation at large. “We are really excited about the opportunity to advance ourselves and our nation. We are thankful for the generosity you have shown us,” she added.

The initiative gained momentum during the recent visit of a high-profile delegation from E-JUST, led by Prof. Sameh Nada, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Education. The delegation included Dr. Moataz Abdelwahab, Deputy Vice President for Regional and International Affairs; Ms. Razan Yousef, Section Head for the Regional and International Affairs Office; and Mr. Hino Yoshifumi, along with Ms. Kawazoe Tomomi, both serving as JICA Project Coordinators.

In expressing gratitude, Kizito extended appreciation to the governments of Egypt and Japan for their initiative in providing scholarships to students and staff. These scholarships play a crucial role in enhancing the skills and expertise of the academic community, contributing to the overall development of the nation.

The collaboration between UCU and E-JUST is poised to create a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering a dynamic academic environment that transcends geographical boundaries. Through joint efforts in research, education, and cultural exchange, both institutions aim to make significant contributions to their respective academic communities and, ultimately, to the global landscape.

A workshop held during the visit provided a unique opportunity for students and staff from UCU’s Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Technology to delve into the diverse scholarships offered by E-JUST and TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development). The interactive session aimed to inform and inspire, opening avenues for academic and professional growth on an international scale.

As the discussions progress, the anticipation grows for the formalisation of this collaboration, which holds the promise of mutual growth and advancement for both Uganda Christian University and the Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology.