UCU students beseeched to practice financial discipline

By Trevor Wabwire

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) 24th guild government held their very first general assembly on Friday, January 30 at the Janan Luwum Dining Hall (DH) under the theme, “The need to grow as an accountable and financially sounding youth.”

The event was graced by two speakers from the working world, who gave the students insight on financial stability. The speakers were Head of Corporate Affairs at Standard Chartered Bank, Cynthia Mpanga, and Head-Strategy at AspireLife, Mr. Kevin Bwana.

To overcome financial stress, the students were encouraged to practice the five financial disciplines. They include budgeting, staying current, making the right connections, investing, and, finally, giving.

Mpanga stated that it is not only people who are connected, in power, or have a relative who succeed in life, but that by sheer will, determination, focus, and perseverance, all of us have a chance to succeed.

“For me, it’s all about progress, about development, about breaking chains of poverty, about improving lives, community and changing our country.” She said.

Bwana cited the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 to summarize the day’s topics, namely accountability and financial soundness, and encourages students to study this parable if they want to be productive in this world.

“We have been given different talents/gifts. Whatever God has given you, make sure you are productive in whichever sphere of influence because if you are in the little that He has given you, you will be rewarded with seeds; but if you choose to sit on the talents/gifts you have been given, the opportunities, the Bible calls you wicked.”

Those in attendance included members from the 24-guild government and a few members from the student body and According to the students, so much insight was shared, and they were very grateful for what the speakers said.

The 24th guild government under the leadership of Rachel Mirembe Serwadda has had a number of achievements, one of which includes the inter-campus sports gala, which has helped bridge the gap between the other campuses and the main campus.

During their tenure, they were also able to organize the first general assembly, at which various ministers came out to give an account of the offices they held to the students they served.

Denisel Nasnsubuga, an agricultural science and entrepreneurship student in year two, said that the annual general assembly is a very good thing and good practice in UCU and should therefore be done more often.

“It is good for them to inform us of what they are doing and progressing, so more students from all faculties should be invited because this helps us get information about the school.” Nasnsubuga said.