UCU students speak out on UIS

By Agatha N. Biira

The University ICT (Information Communication Technology) Services (UIS) team is holding an awareness campaign aimed at reminding students about the ICT services at the university. The UIS team is in charge of providing free internet to students within the university premises; moodle (the university e-learning platform); and the Alpha app, which students can use for online registration and also access their results.

We spoke to some Uganda Christian University (UCU) students about the UIS mandate of enhancing learning, teaching, and administration and this is what they said.

Christiana Ampeire- BAMC 2

It is essential that we have WiFi in our classes. Most classroom blocks do not have WIFI, and yet this is where we do most of the course work from. 

The WiFi is not in every spot, but I feel like they have done their best to ensure that the internet is fast. This is the first semester where I have used WiFi, and it is really fast. I am spending less on data unless I am in a place where the network isn’t strong or unavailable.

Emmanuel Acilu Olaboro- BBA 3

WIFI is not all over the school. In some places, it is there and it doesn’t work at all; in other places, it is there but it is not good; and in others, it is strong. Their services are also not consistent. On some days, the WiFi is on and on others it is off. But at least we are able to access the university platforms, and for that I appreciate it. 

Esther Nantale Birungi- BBA 3

We can access the platforms, but sometimes they are a bit slow. When results are released, it is hard to access them because of the overload. When it comes to WIFI, it is not accessible everywhere in the school. It is in specific places like the library and one class (M5) on M block, which I do not think is a good thing. 

Kenneth Bananuka- BAMC 2

I think the UIS team has tried, but their services are not really advertised. When you come to UCU, you are told that there is free internet everywhere at the university, but that is not the case. Some places have them and others don’t. I think that’s why the UIS team staged at the library because they know that’s where it’s strongest. They could have staged at the dining hall, where most students converge, but they didn’t, and they have a reason for that.

If I was to rate them, I would give them a 7/10. They are trying, but they need to have the WIFI accessible in all classroom blocks because that’s where it is needed most by both students and lecturers to do research. 

Generous Ainembabazi- BBA 3

I can say they are trying. For MOODLE, it is okay, but for WIFI, it is only in specific parts of the university. We are told that WiFi is everywhere in the university, but that is not the case in reality. We are actually limited. 

We have issues with the Alpha app. Sometimes, marks will show, and the next time you check, some marks are missing. Sometimes you check on your phone and you find that you have retakes, but when you go to MIS, you are told that you have no retakes. The results keep changing, so I don’t know if the problem is with their system or the Alpha app on our phones. 

Perfection Enoch- BBC 2

Generally, the service is okay, although the Alpha app is not really helping students effectively. We are still unable to clear online. We still have to line up at the accounts office, yet there is that option on the app. 

During the week, WiFi is slow, but on the weekends it is good. But I guess that’s because of the traffic when many people are on campus. 

MIS is okay. They handle students well, but it really takes a long time to deliver, which is contrary to what they tell students when they have complaints.