Who is Mirembe Rachael Serwadda?

Uganda Christian University (UCU) students are set to elect their guild leaders this week. One Law student Mirembe  Racheal Serwadda  and Ayebare Philiip Bravo law are vying for the office of the Guild President. The Standard Online’s David Ijjo interviewed Mirembe ahead of the elections on Wednesday: 

Who is Mirembe Rachael Serwadda?

I am a third-year law student of Uganda Christian University and a member and leader of the Mastered Seed Choir at the University. I am also a class representative and the Publicity secretary of the Nkobazambogo students’ association at UCU. I am Anglican and I pray from Thorny Croft Chapel at UCU.

Why are you aspiring for the top student’s office?

I feel it’s a calling from God for me to serve His people. He is the one who appoints leaders.

What do you plan to do for the students if elected?

May manifesto is hinged on three things: social welfare of students, accountability and security. In social welfare, we shall engage in students’ activities academically, socially, financially and physically. On the academic side, many students in different faculties are missing results. I intend to constitute a committee in my government that will work hand in hand with the University’s administration and the association of class representatives to sort this issue of missing results before the end of semester. My government will also work with the University administration to improve the quality of the students’ meals. I’ve engaged with majority of students who eat from the dining hall and they believed that the services need improvement. I also intended to introduce the use of suggestion boxes particularly in areas around the university’s dining hall, sports complex and classrooms where students will put the suggestions. I am also a sports enthusiast and given the mandate, I will work hand in hand with the sports department at the University to facilitate sports activities. I believe that once in a while students should also be encouraged to participate in aerobics.  

What skills and competences do you have to hold the office you are aspiring for?

I’ve been a leader before. I have served as a prefect in my high school days, of course I also had a chance to serve in the different posts mentioned above where I attained communication and listening skills. I learnt that as a students’ leader, it’s good to be flexible and not rigid. You must also strive to the bridge the gap between the students and administration such that both can work together to see that everyone is comfortable. I’ve also been a member of the African Youth Leadership Forum where I have learnt a lot about leadership.

What is your leadership philosophy?

 “Resilience is the new normal”. It’s a slogan I chose for my government. A famous scientist Steve Maraboli once said, “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, rather we get stronger and more resilient.”  I chose the slogan because of the Covid-19 era that has changed our lives entirely. It now takes one to be resilient in order to survive. 

What approach do you take when making leadership decisions?   

I take the consultative approach.

Describe an effective way to measure the success of a leader?

It’s important to consider who the affected person is in any decision you make as a leader, reaching out to the people, interacting with them and getting to know their challenges directly is the best approach and measure of a successful leadership policy.

How do you keep your team motivated? 

I’m a person who believes a lot in team work. Ratan Tata, a famous philosopher once said,

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone, but if you want to walk further, move together.” 

How do you deal with poor performance?

I don’t like incompetence, it sickens me. I encourage team work to eradicate incompetence.