UCU vice-chancellor challenges first-year students

By Yasiri J. Kasango,

Prof. Assoc. Aaron Mushengyezi, the vice-chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU), has challenged the first-year students to live up to the standards of the university. He said this during the induction service in Nkoyoyo Hall. He welcomed the inducted students to UCU.

“I hope you will find your time well spent here. As you can see, we are doing our best to give you the best facilities and the best learning environment that you can get,” said Mushengyezi.

However, he noted that the expectations of a UCU student from the community and the employment industry are high. 

“We don’t just earn a degree, we also send you out of this place with values, with ethical principals in life that make you stand out in the world of work. When our students go out there, employers find out that they are devotional to the work they do, they are very committed to whatever, assignment, they are given, they are trustworthy, and they exhibit discipline,” Mushenyezu added.

Therefore, he cautioned the inducted students to keep the candle lighting for UCU products. 

The students have been encouraged to always treasure God in their lives. The preacher reminded the students that their bodies are the temples of God.

Mrs. Patience Mushengyezi encouraged students to desist from acts that tempt them.

“Do not engage in dancing because it may lead to sin. If you dance with a boy, he takes your number and you end into a relationship,” said Mrs. Mushengyezi.

She went ahead to caution students against being lured by small items like chips, chapati, among others, if they are to be successful in their education.

Gladys Kayaga, a student pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration, appreciated the university for such an initiative induction.

“After induction, now i feel confident that I’m part of the university community. I’m so grateful to be part of a great institution like UCU,” said Kayaga.